Smoked Oak

Quality wooden products made of smoked oak are particularly weather-resistant. The dark color of the smoked oak makes it less sensitive to sunlight, so even after 100 years, it still shines in brilliantly dark colors. It is extremely robust against environmental influences. The attractive dark color of the oak makes it a popular choice for smoking. The high tannin content results in a more intense color change. Depending on the duration of the smoking process, the color of the oak can vary from light brown to very dark brown, while many other types of wood only darken by a few shades. Each piece of wood is unique and reacts differently to the tannin content during the smoking process. In addition, the sustainability aspect of smoked oak plays a role. By using indigenous wood, smoked oak has a good environmental balance. It therefore offers a real alternative to tropical wood, as smoked oak is visually as attractive and just as weather-resistant and durable. Scratches or other minor damage on the surface are not noticeable because the color beneath the first layer of wood is the same as that of the surface. People with allergies also benefit from the use of smoked oak because the wood is mold and insect resistant.

The price is based on a standard size. If a different size is needed, please select the next standard size up and provide us with the required final size during the purchasing process. Please provide your desired measurements accurately according to the instructions (see image). Unfortunately, later complaints due to incorrect measurements cannot be accepted.
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